Stephanie Fawbert

Shadowed Pool

50 x 40 cm


“My paintings reflect on human courage, survival and vulnerability within natural landscapes. They suggest an idyll but a place that is also about the unknown and that nature is not always benign or beautiful. The figures I depict are immersed in nature, in their own solitude, but are also vulnerable and exposed… The work is about that unpredictability of existence in the ‘natural world’ and a sense of anxiety and quiet dramas that can lie within these seemingly perfect lush environments.

The scenes I paint are not recognisable places. They are both anonymous and familiar and they take us to a place of collective revery and memory in which the physicality of the paint, with drips and washes, intensifies the world depicted in them. I am looking at how our interior world is shaped and takes its cues from the exterior world around us. The paintings I make are about the interaction between the two. Perhaps they are “not a place, but a proposition” a signifier of desire’ in this case, a longing to connect, both to our past, and to our present.”