Antoinette Favre Bonvin


Jackson's Painting Prize 2021
Oil Pastel
106.5 x 67 cm

“My art consists mainly of paintings and drawings but I enjoy collage, assemblage, etching and ceramics. I work with a sense of urgency, perhaps because I dedicated time to my family, or maybe because artists have that need to keep their hands working and their souls fed by their art making. My personal story is part of my art, exploring relationships through color, is how I would partially describe my work. The resulting images are visual manifestations of space – contemporary abstract landscapes with figurative elements that may pop up, whether from my memory or heart – I’m not sure.

This series, “If by chance we join”, is a turning point, a larger scale of work for me, made with oil pastels and watercolor pigments on recycled, various papers. The notion that something existed is in the support, plus the meeting of two independent materials, which now have to co-exist on this new surface together became a metaphor for me of relationships. My work is a colorful manifestation of this metaphor = the space between us. I hope that others see my work and that they feel something. Joining materials, repairing and relationships seem to be recurring themes in my work.”