Hersilia Leoca


Jackson's Painting Prize 2022
Pencil, Oil Pastel
70 x 100 cm

“I tap into sensory memories and immediate surroundings that inspire me to draw intensely, allowing spaces and mainly non-representational forms to materialise and emerge as environments. I assemble these puzzles of displaced and distant recollections under new, vivid configurations in order to reconnect with them while at the same allowing them to open up different perspectives and to encourage reflection on the multitude of different realities. Exterior and interior worlds acting as mirrors and sources of strength slowly unfold and draw me in as I continue to explore their novelty.

I enjoy getting really close to the subject and allowing unexpected things to surface such as, at times, allusions to living organisms that almost seem to catch movement. I use a variety of stimuli as research material: organic textures, serendipitous movements from daily observations, close-ups of domestic and natural geographies, smells, field recordings that call for textural visual translations”