Laura Hope

You Lost Me At Blue

Bankside Gallery: Rising Artists, Jackson's Painting Prize 2023
Pencil, Pastel
40 x 32 cm


“My work is centered around unspoken emotions and quiet inner lives. Created from my own staged photographs of models, it is often a response to memories, relationships and personal crisis. Through composition, cropping and reversing the image, I strive to convey an uneasy narrative that shines a light on subtle feelings that often hide in the shadows. With hints to another era, my figures live in a world that is both nostalgic and present.

I sit on the fence between painting and drawing – feeling that ‘painting’ better describes my process but knowing that ‘drawing’ is my method of creation. My training as an illustrator as well as my time working as a memorial artist (hand etching onto granite) have cemented the importance of line and mark making in my practice. A combination of thick, harsh scribbles and precise, light touches alongside a unique translation of colour are the voices used to tell my stories.”